50 Jahre: 1972 - 2022
Geschichten zum Neuguss-Jubiläum
In Beziehung sein – Geschichten zum Jubiläum

Future Forum:

Creating a relationship

In terms of human biography, 50 years or more impressively stated half a century, is pretty old. At least if you ask someone in their twenties. All the more exciting that this same person perceives Neuguss as a company that is anything but old. Rather, it is strongly oriented towards the future.
At the end of the anniversary year, Neuguss celebrated a joint Neuguss Day in keeping with its anniversary motto "50 years of being in a relationship". Incidentally, it was organised by a very young generation of entrepreneurs who have moved the Neuguss Circle of Friends in many ways, including in their artistic activities. The direction of movement of this day went from the respective individual to the community of those present to thinking outside the box raising questions about societal issues. How does something new come into being? What does the quality of encounters and relationships have to do with it? What makes us sustainable? And isn't what we do ultimately also peace work?

At the end of our jubilee year, we would like to take you back to this wonderful day, which was all about interpersonal encounters. In order to look ahead together to the next half century. One thing is clear already - we are very much looking forward to it!