50 Jahre: 1972 - 2022
Geschichten zum Neuguss-Jubiläum
In Beziehung sein – Geschichten zum Jubiläum

Mercurius im Dialog in conversation –

About working with one another

What are we actually celebrating here?

Ronald Peeters: Having reached 27 years of working at Mercurius, I’ve been here for half of the Neuguss story, and a good quarter of the STOCKMAR century. To me, Neuguss and its associated companies stand for quality – not just in terms of the respective products, but when it comes to the big picture: procurement, processes, workflows, people, working with one another. It’s amazing that this awareness within the entire organism has been there since so long before my time, even though it feels like I’ve been with the company for ever!

Where are the biggest challenges to be found?

Ronald Peeters: There are so many different challenges, and actually also on several levels. Thinking about STOCKMAR and Mercurius, for example, we have to determine how we can continue working together successfully for another 100 years. We always need to think beyond our own momentary horizon. To move forward here and to grow in a healthy way, we’ll continue to need reliable partners such as artists, schools, and others.

Where is the strength in this way of working with one another?

Ronald Peeters: We are always seeking dialogue! With everyone involved. That is how to find out whether we are still needed, or what circumstances mean we will be needed again. This constant reflection, including self-reflection, is essential for further development and future viability. And it can only succeed with dialogue. Each person has (and needs) their own role, and dialogue requires understanding and respect. One reason why our partnership works so well is that we all share the same values, while each of us also brings our own particular expertise to the table.

Is our task to bring together or facilitate art and the endowment of meaning in order to make a beneficial contribution to society?

Ronald Peeters: That’s a statement I can only endorse! And with this, it is important to keep sounding out the search directions. What can we contribute together to ultimately make this world a little better? What we all do is artistic action, but it is those actions which endow meanings that connect us.


[These thoughts on Neuguss and working with one another within the company are the result of an interview conducted with a panel to mark the centenary of STOCKMAR.]